Oct. 31st, 2012

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This is the night when the gateway between
our world and the spirit world is thinnest.
Tonight is a night to call out those who came before.
Tonight I honour my ancestors.
Spirits of my fathers and mothers, I call to you,
and welcome you to join me for this night
You watch over me always,
protecting and guiding me,
and tonight I thank you.
Your blood runs in my veins,
your spirit is in my heart,
your memories are in my soul.

With the gift of remembrance.
I remember all of you.
You are dead but never forgotten,
and you live on within me,
and within those who are yet to come.
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I decided to try out a DW account just to see how it all works and prepare for the inevitable exodus from LJ when it finally goes south. So many people are unhappy with the changes and I've gotten irritated already with the new-look friends page which in my eyes looks cheap and crappy and entirely devoid of character. It's not user friendly, can no longer be customised to suit its user and feels wrong. I've also noticed particularly since the hacks/Russian takeover that when I log in, I hardly ever go to the old main page, it jumps between Russian homepage and Malaysia and it gets annoying having to click around just to get into my friends page/journal entries.

I've been on LJ since 2002, starting it in uni when you had to have a referral code from a friend just to get an account, although I've never had a paid account, I've noticed the introduction of adverts and upgraded to a plus account and installed adblocker to hide these as best as possible. It's been my longest serving journal and has seen me grown up from a naive teenager to the jaded woman I am now. I feel like I've invested so much time and effort on there over the years and now I feel like it's being renovated so the old guard of users are being forced out. I always found LJ had a unique selling point, it wasn't like other social media pages like Faceboink, Twatter or others. I've embraced the community structure and made friends from sites such as ONTD_Creepy amongst other places. I suppose though it's a sign of the times, LJ's parent company want to compete with Tumblr and other pages like it, but don't seem to value the selling point of what they already have.

I'll be sad if I have to go completely, but it had a good run while it lasted right?


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