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absolutely. I've seen too many friends over the years have several people on the go and it never ends well. I'm also a believer in finding the one person who you truly want to spend your life with, and believe me I've found him.
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it's been a mixed bag really, going with the metaphor i've felt like a lion most of the month having to roar quite loudly, but as the month's gone on i feel like i've lost my volume and i'm mewing quietly. So many things have made me lose my motivation and my fight recently, the hospital and laughable consultant being one of those, it's only now that i've plucked up the courage to go back to my GP and ask for another referral to another specialist. Tomorrow I go to the dietician, the only useful thing to come out of the appointment earlier in the month. I don't know what to expect, but i've done my food diary and got information ready for her.

I'm hoping april onwards is more productive for me.
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1. swallows and amazons.
2. complete works of shakespeare (because if all else fails it'll make good toilet paper)
3. war and peace (never read it, see above for other reason... lots of pages...)
4. Dracula
5. (this may be cheating) but my own notebook so I can work on my story in peace.
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Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Breakfast at tiffanys
V for Vendetta
Tenacious D movie.

I think i'd end up with these because although i've watched them time and time again, i go back to them and they're some of my favourite films.
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ameythyst because it's my favourite gemstone, rune because it's what i use instead of tarot. The deliberate misspelling was done by a close friend at the time who helped me set up the lj account. Unfortunately we lost contact because of a very messy situation in 2003. I've kept the name ever since.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] not me, my other half, walked 15 miles from faversham to canterbury because he'd missed the last train and was so intent on seeing me. I waited up until 4am to make sure he got to my house safely and my housemates and I tracked his progress with google maps.


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